Beard Balm

Eight Wolves

Beard Balm

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Moisturize your beard.

The Beard Balm from Eight Wolves are created from natural oils perfect for moisturizing your beard and skin and, giving it control. The Beard Balm restores moisture on beard without clogging the pores. It also stimulates growth of hair follicles, increasing beard thickness. The Beard Balm also protects beard from chemical elements.

What you'll get:
1 x Beard Balm (50g)

About the brand:
EIGHT WOLVES started in 2013 when founder, Shan Fontanilla, created his own formula of then-popular pomades for Philippines’ hot and humid climate. Their goal is simple - to stay true and traditional to the very essence of pomade culture; to continue to brew pomades that is of high quality and best sourced out ingredients; to continue to work with local brands, local artists, partner barbershops and resellers and; to spread a culture and lifestyle that will benefit local community.