Corky Round Tote
Corky Round Tote
Corky Round Tote


Corky Round Tote

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An upgrade to your usual fun, easy tote.

The Corky Round Tote from Tali Handmade is a beautiful circular tote that’s catchy in the eye. Designed with colorful hues in the middle, the Corky Round Tote is made of handwoven straw with hand-sewn leather detail and hand-braided handle. This tote is proudly made in the Philippines.

What you’ll get:
1 x Corky Round Tote

Diameter 13”

About the brand:
TALI was started when the founders, Liza and Marielle, visited the female inmates of a Philippine city jail. As working mothers, they wanted to make a difference in these women´s lives and thought them simple design patterns and eventually employed them to bring their original bag designs to life.