Lotus Skull Ring
Lotus Skull Ring
Lotus Skull Ring

13 Lucky Monkey

Lotus Skull Ring

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Hand-sculptured rings for the men of art.

A touch of long-time tradition, the Lotus Skull Ring (right) represents 13 Lucky Monkey's take on El Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead tradition from Mexico. This holiday is a celebration of life and is treated as a joyous occasion. Skulls and skeletons are a big part of this tradition and people usually wear skull masks or paint their faces. Flowers are also incorporated in the design as a symbol to celebrate life and overcome fear of death. This ring is cast in sterling silver stamped with the 13LM marque.

13 Lucky Monkey pieces can be resized at no additional cost. Get your own perfectly-matched ring by dropping us a message thru our Contact Us page. A 50% downpayment is required.

What you’ll get:
1 x Lotus Skull Ring

About the brand:
13 LUCKY MONKEY makes wearable sculpture. Founders Noli Coronado and Dante Dizon created one-of-a-kind pieces out of their own need for something authentic. Inspired by the motorcycles they ride and the culture that goes along with (rock ‘n’ roll music, tattoos, religious iconography), 13 Lucky Monkey was born. Each piece that they make is unique, making sure that each cut and facet is distinctive.